The Saga of Martial Arts in game form – NekoSaka

a ninja cat

a ninja cat

Gone are the days of the Shaolin movies and the shogun, but hey if you witness a street fight and if its a good bare knuckles fight you will be enthused to try out Nekosaka, the martial arts game. Well in nekoska you go by a shogun cat  called Ko chan ..hmmm sounds chinese or korean quite far from the shorin ryu names. And Ko Chan knows kung fu …yeah ! Your top arrow will get him performing stunts- kung fu stunts (maybe his mom was chinese:)) pressing the top arrow twice will get him to perform one of those ‘ni hai how ma’ jumps and then immediately press the down arrow and he will come down with the force of thunder- like crouching tiger hidden bacon.

Collecting Souls

Collecting Souls

The controls are ridiculously simple to get this cat perform all those 4th Dan moves, the left and right arrows are to move left and right and the ‘A’ button will get you performing quick fist hand movements (im really sorry if you’re left handed but yes the wasd is not here to help your movements but it could help your fight). The next attack button on y9 is the ‘S’ button gets him throw some kinda Mahabharat type fire power…beware you have limited supply of these ninja moves and you may have to buy souls to get further on that count.

Map of levels

Map of levels

You can always vist the dojo after a given level and practice your skills meaning buy your upgrades. The first level of the game will have you fighting shadows and no Im not talking shadow boxing Im talking spiritual dark shadow masks and you will need to perform a double jump and fall like thunder on them to release their soul. So the secret is out …what happens in the shaolin monk temples with lots of secrecy is the release of souls (say that fast repeatedly you will know what I mean).

neko2The first fight that is lined up for you is against the ninja bunnies and in the first one you meet bunny grunt who gives you your death warrant…yeah they’re all talk with all your ninja moves ..whoa! After a couple of ninja sword fights and after you’ve completely destroyed your A button you will be summoned back to the dojo for an upgrade- its also the end of level and your score will be displayed in terms of the number of souls saved and your chi tally…mind you your chi is that mahabharat type weapon use it rarely only when you’re attacked from the left by an overwhelming force.

neko1The dojo offers you an array of upgrades that you can buy with the souls you’ve collected. The sensei also has a gift in terms of upgrades with rice and chi leaves upgrades you will now need to break the W and E buttons on your laptop. The upgrades are spoilt for choice ninja moves and you can purchase a sword slash for one hundred chi and a medium speed punch for about one hundred souls and a kick for 800 souls.

The holistic view of the range moves are categorized as short range , medium and long range moves. The really noteworthy moves are the round house kick and the thrust pele kick. For your information the latter kick wont work in a real fight so dont even give it a ty unless you’re taking part in FIFA 2014 but teh round house kick is very effective; also called mae wa ke geri its a bit difficult to throw in real and you will need to practice a lot before you try that one.

The dojo also features an array of special dark spirit moves including chi and flash upgrades then you have the electro charge and the round house slash. It also features a range of status symbol and weapon upgrades you should take a look only to have a look, but if you go in depth into the game, please do let me know as well how they perform in this make believe battle.

Play Neko Saga


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